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Unique Characters & Playstyles

Enter the World of Stonelight

Defeat memorable bosses and unlock new abilities as you delve into the darkness of the city sized ruins of Atlas.


Stonelight is a modern beat’em up inspired by the classics we grew up with. Created by indie developer Anode Gaming.

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The Team


Justin Moe

Founder and Developer

Inspired by his daughters playing the Nintendo Labo one evening, Justin began development of Stonelight.  

He is always discussing game theory, level design or character abilities. He also handles all of the programming and Unity development for Stonelight when he isn't world/theory crafting.


Some of Justin’s earliest memories are playing the original Nintendo with his siblings while trying to stay cool on their stone floors in Manilla. His young childhood was spent as a missionary kid in the Philippines. His family later returned to the United States where Justin discovered a lifelong love with game design at an early age.

At the end of 2018 Justin left his job as a mechanical engineer in corporate America in search of the next big challenge.


Nícolas Daniel Freitas

Art Lead and Level Designer

Nicolas is a one man army when it comes to all things art. He joined the team in its early days and has been instrumental in defining style and gameplay through his art. Concept, level design and character development, he does it all.


He hailed from the southern most kindgom of Brazil, his heart born of courage and his stylus full of hope. Magic was his craft and what a beautiful craft it was!


The Silent Guardian

A veteran Stone Hunter and master marksman. Rwen's opponents rarely see or hear him before he takes them out from afar. 

Steady hands and precise aim. This isn't your old mans duck hunt.


Work with a friend as you shoot, bash, grab and snipe your way through a fantasy world of ancient mechs and magic power stones.

Stonelight brings together the excitement of motion control with a fast paced co-operative beat’em up.

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